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About Us

About Satyam Hospital

Satyam Hospital has been serving the health care needs of People in Patna and surrounding communities for over years. Excellence in medical care has been our goal since Satyam opened its doors. Patient care remains our first priority. Each patient will be treated with respect, dignity and treated in a timely and appropriate manner. We deliver patient care of the highest order at the most affordable rates without compromising on quality. Our Focus is always on ethical and service-oriented growth. This Inpatient Guide is a part of our initiative to be more orderly and transparent in rendering our services.

Satyam Hospital has been set up with the vision of providing quality healthcare at affordable cost and within the reach of every individual. Equipped with "futuristic technology" and truly "brilliant and dedicated professionals" with the infrastructure, Satyam Hospital team believes in working as a team and offers high quality, value and evidence based integrated healthcare.

Satyam Hospital is a care hospital with talented medical & paramedical professionals. The Hospital provides preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, palliative care and support services under one roof, designed to meet patient care and research requirements of the new millennium.

Satyam Hospital is committed to customer service and has implemented a comprehensive Total Quality Management Program that ensures our facility is continuously improved to provide a high standard of care. The Hospital will grow by responding to your concerns. We all want to meet and exceed your expectations as a guest in our hospital. Should you have any concerns about your care at the hospital, we would welcome and appreciate your time and effort to tell us.